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Sebastian Bartu C.O.
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Neuro Somatic Reprogramming - NSR

"The Science of Sustainable Neurological Empowerment"

We offer high quality education programs for our students to learn the NSR Pain Release Protocols and Neurological Stress Management Techniques to become successful NSR Certified Practitioners.

The Bartu Method® is a health empowering system which provides people with skills, techniques and a methodology to diagnose and reprogram the core neurological structures in the body.

The Bartu Method Academy was founded by Sebastian Bartu C.O., an Osteopath, Psychologist and Yoga teacher from Switzerland in 2008.


The Academy is involved with research in neurological and emotional empowerment methods as well as simple and safe protocols of pain release.

The Bartu Method Educational Courses integrates powerful principles and techniques of Osteopathy, Psychology, Yoga, Mindfulness and Mix Martial Arts which enable people to unblock their physical, mental and emotional structures.

The following Bartu Courses have been taught internationally for over 10 years in more than 25 countries. These courses are also available as Bartu Online Educational Certifications.

NSR Courses Open to Everyone:

  • NSR Coaching Certification (Level 1- 3)

  • Cooperate Neurological Stress Management Certification  (Level 1- 4)

  • NSR for Mothers and their Babies Certification (Level 1- 4)

NSR Courses for Manual Medicine Health Professionals:

  • Osteopathic Fascial Pain Release Therapy Certification (Level 1- 5) 

  • NSR Paediatrics Manual Medicine Certification (Level 1- 4)

We offer specialised NSR Certification Courses to

- Health Professionals      - Group Leaders           - Yoga Teachers

- Physiotherapists             - Psychologists            - Athletes & Personal Trainers

- Osteopaths                     - Pediatricians              - Dancers & Performers

Learn NSR Neurological Empowerment Exercises &

Self Pain Release Techniques

NSR Social Projects 

Travel, Learn, Give & Grow in new countries & communities and make a true difference...


We have been offering free NSR Treatments and NSR Health Education and Empowering Workshops to geographically isolated communities with limited resources in Brazil, India, Guatemala and Colombia.  

We offer our NSR Certified Practitioners the opportunity to do volunteer work in our different social projects. We also have programs designed for health professionals to offer free health care services to these communities. 


Featured NSR Videos

NSR Coaching - Bartu Principal Nr.1 

Biggest Cause of Chronic Pain

NSR Health Empowerment

Education Programs

Your NSR Qualification is issued through the Assciation ANSR and is internationally recognised for its authenticity, quality and standards

NSR Coaching- Bartu Principal Nr. 2:

Activate Your Full Evolutionary Hormonal Power

Is the NSR Education right for you?

How can the NSR Protocol change your life? (Part 1) 

What do people say about the NSR method?

How can my body change in the

2 day NSR Level 1 Course ? (Part 2)

"I am amazed at how much my body and mind changed from my NSR Training. I am now able to instantaneously transform my thoughts, my mood, and energy levels. I could immediately use the NSR techniques on my coaching clients and I am impressed by how fast I can create positive structural and emotional changes in them"


Thomas Crown, Life Coach &  Business Consultant, London

"I can't believe how good the "happy hormones" release techniques make me feel. I'm excited to try out all these amazing techniques on my family, friends and Yoga students.This is exactly what I was looking for! The course had an excellent delivery, professional while also managing to be informal, relaxed and friendly"


 Elizabeth Harward, Yoga Teacher, Switzerland

"I walked out of the course feeling incredible, totally transformed and energised. I immediately started applying the NSR Healing© methods to my patients and the results were amazing and immediate! Thank you for giving us these incredible tools and understanding of the body and mind. I highly recommend this training for all health practitioners, therapists and body workers".


Anna Orchard, Physiotherapist, Australia


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