Osteopathic Fascial
Pain Release Therapy

1 Year Certification, divided in 4 Modules: each 3 days & 1 Clinical Day

Course Overview
This powerful 1 year training gives you the scientific knowledge and treatment methods to sustainably relase pain and restore health by using your hands, to evalutate, diagnose and treat the entire human body as a functional unit.

You will learn the full series of NSR Reprogramming Techniques

combined with a complete trainning in Specific Palpation for Diagnosis and

Specific Objectives:

  • I can use NSR Manual Medicine Techniques to

    • Remove blockages, reduce pain, restore mobility and function in injuries

    • Activate the lymphatic system, stimulate cellular rejuvenation, and restore vitality and blood flow.

  • I can reduce pain and blockages in the spine, organs, muscles, articulations and fascial chains.

  • I can use the NSR Protocols to Reprogram the following structures:

    • Respiratory system, Pressure regulation mechanism, Hormonal System and
      Spiral Muscles Chains, Postural System.


  • I can teach my patients NSR personalised exercise programs and provide general life hygiene advises  to systemically strengthen the body and accelerate the healing process.


NSR- a change management
that transforms the way people think, breath, move, react and feel to have the greatest impact both personally and professionally.

NSR for personal development,
physiological, mental and emotional empowerment and activating the full energetic and neurological potential of the body.

NSR is also about self-discovery,
exploring anatomy, physiology, identity
tooland mission. It also provides a scientific framework for understanding the energetic potential and spiritual part of human experience.

Neuro Somatic Reprogramming describes the fundamental dynamics between the mind's cognitive structures (neuro) and the body (somatic) and how their interplay creates deep unconscious programs and patterns which can be transformed (reprogramming).

Neuro: Each individual has established their own unique neurological and cognitive patterns to respond to the demands of their environment and process the millions of bits of data being absorbed through the senses. As a child we develop these neurological patterns and with time and repetition they become deeper ingrained in our nervous system and determine our behavior, our emotions, our judgement, our perception and ultimately our well-being. We all have physical and mental patterns of constriction which we use when we are stressed or under pressure. When we are stuck in those patterns it can be very difficult to effectively use all of our resources to overcome challenges.

Somatic:  The word “somatic” comes from the Greek word “soma,” meaning the living body in its entirety – muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, thoughts, sensations, emotions and language.

NSR works with clinical research to show how deep neurological patterns, attitudes and beliefs are reflected within the individual's physical structure and function. These unconscious neuro-behavioral patterns affect the cellular physiology and the anatomy of organs, nerves, muscles and hormons.

Sebastian Bartu

CEO & Founder of the Bartu Method®

Diploma in Osteopathy, Diploma in Psychology, Yoga Teacher Certification (ISO India), founder of NSR Academy, Switzerland.

Sebastian is a Swiss trained osteopath who has spent the last 10 years teaching neurological empowerment seminars and treating patients in chronic pain clinics in Europe, Asia and South America. In 2004 he founded the NSR-Academy (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming) and since then he has been passionately leading NSR seminars to coaches, consultants, health professionals, and therapists in over 25 countries.

The NSR Methodology
The NSR Training & Coaching have three pillars.

1. Reprogramming the Vital Health Systems

2. Life Force & Vitality Boost

3. Psycho-Social and Neuro-Emotional Reprogramming

& Techniques

  • Transformation of the self occurs through systematically working through the body


  • The NSR integrative body-mind approach offers a much speedier resolution to physical, mental and emotional issues because both cognitive and somatic components of our experience are taken into account.


  • The NSR Reprogramming Techniques cause a ‘mechanical signal’ across the connective tissue that balances muscular contractions and tensions, supports protein synthesis, changes gene expression and stimulates communication and cleansing between different cell types.

  • The NSR Neuro Empowerment exercise series increase cell vitality, function and the ability to send and receive signals to other cells. These techniques have been proven to cause sustainable positive changes of the extracellular matrix including vascular, immune, nervous cells and regenerative cells.

So by receiving NSR Techniques, you are not only supporting your current energy flow and cellular health, but you are changing the future health of your body. 

Are you

ready to meet the highest version of yourself?

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