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is not a Fantasy

It's possible! 

(and easier then you think)

Imagine ...

How much energy and excitement for life you would feel if all your BACK PAIN, DIGESTIVE ISSUES & HORMONAL IMBALANCES disappeared.

Going back to doing all your favorite activities, sports and hobbies which your back pain has stopped you from doing for many years.

Feeling energised in the morning & evening and never having to worry about pain in your body or digestive issues ever again!

Being able to play with the children in your family, carry them on your shoulder and go on beautiful walks with a strong and healthy spine.

Starting a 21 Day Back Pain Release Journey where everyday you feel you spine getting more relaxed, stronger and pain free. 

Living a healthy, pain free life is very possible! 

I know because on the 9th Feb 2010 I discovered a simple and powerful way to reprogram my brain to stop sending the unconscious neurological signals which were causing intense pain in my muscles and organs for over 8 months. 

Today I am so happy and grateful to be 100% healthy, strong and pain free.


But it hasn't always been like this...

You feel frustrated because you've tried so many different methods but the pain & discomfort remains.

Hello. My name is Sebastian Bartu, and I've also been at that point that you are now.

In 2009 I was suffering from so much neurological pains in my body that I had to completely stop working as a freelance worldwide travelling Osteopath. 

After seeing so many health experts, from doctors to shamans and trying so many different pain release methods and not getting any success I felt so frustrated and lost that I decided to go back to my books and studied intensely the human anatomy, biomechanics and did extensive research on the hormonal system.


After several months of research and experimentation on myself, and combining my knowledge and experience in Osteopathy, Yoga, Psychology, Mindfulness & Martial Arts I developed a unique simple method to reprogram my nervous system and remove the injuries and pain in different parts of my body.


I called this pain release method Neuro Somatic Reprogramming® and in the last 10 years I have been teaching it to chronic pain patients in clinics in over 25 countries and have helped thousands of people become pain free - allowing them to go back to enjoying their life to the fullest. 

The Neuro Somatic Reprogramming Technics

 allows you to release unconscious muscle contractions in your body which makes you able to reduce the lactic acid in your blood which is produced by these unconscious muscle contraction. This reduction of acidity in your blood makes your pain receptors less sensitive to pain & improves your mood and overall performance.

Dr. med. univ. Miriam Burger

Integrative Medicine Specialist

  • Harvard University

  • University of Zurich UZH

Dominik Pesendorfer

Business Coach & Martial Arts Instructor

" My back pain vanished.

I used to wake up with acute pain in the morning and now it’s totally gone.

I highly recommend the Bartu NSR Method to anybody who is experiencing stress from computer work or pains and tensions in their body "

Emilie Pulles MD.

Medical Doctor for pain & preventive treatments.

" I had a herniated disk 2 years ago, and I could only stand and lie down. After the Bartu NSR Back Pain Release Protocol I could come further into a position which I had never been in the last couple of years.

I am really happy, relieved and very grateful to Sebastian for the method he has created. "

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Sebastian Bartu

CEO & Founder of the Bartu Method®

Diploma in Osteopathy, Diploma in Psychology, Yoga Teacher Certification (ISO India), founder of NSR Academy, Switzerland.

Sebastian is a Swiss trained osteopath who has spent the last 10 years teaching neurological empowerment seminars and treating patients in chronic pain clinics in Europe, Asia and South America. In 2004 he founded the NSR-Academy (Neuro Somatic Reprogramming) and since then he has been passionately leading NSR seminars to coaches, consultants, health professionals, and therapists in over 25 countries.

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