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Who is this course for? 


The Neuro Somatic Reprogramming Coach Certification® is a training program designed for all individuals interested in simple and safe sustainable pain release techniques and in neurological & emotional empowerment. 

This training is open to everyone however it is highly recommended to Health Practitioners, Nurses, Midwives, Coaches, Yoga Students and Teachers, Athletes, Consultants

The basic anatomical and physiological principals and terminology will all be explained in simple words. No prior knowledge or experience is required.

Course Overview Level 1 - 3

In this powerful training Level 1 - 3 you will learn how to 

  • create new positive neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, sustainable pain release, cellular rejuvenation, neuromuscular strength, emotional wellbeing and the release of long lasting "happy hormones". 

  • work with Bartu Protocols which integrate multi-dimensional researched technics in Neuro- Emotional Psychology, Osteopathy, Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts.


     At the end of this training you'll be able to say the following statements 

  • I can reprogramm the following structures in myself and in others: Respiratory System, Heart & Blood Pressure, Facials Chains, Pressure Regulation Mechanism, Hormonal System,  Posture and Self Confidence.

  • I can teach and coach my clients through the

    • Bartu Hormone Boosting Series®

    • Bartu Self Back Pain Release Protocol® 

    • Digestive Tract Empowerment Protocol® 

  • I can use Bartu Manual Medicine©  techniques to release pain in the spine, abdominal organs, neck and shoulders

  • I have integrated masterful skills of emotional and mental clarity and l can teach techniques for physical and hormonal excellence

  • I have the tools and trainning to acivate my intuition and my abdominal brain in all situations of life

Turn your passion into your new profession that's unique and in-demand!
Become a NSR Coach®.
Learn something new, exciting and rewarding!
Elevate your Skills & Impact

Diana Chaves

Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist

"After each Bartu Method protocol there is an enormous release. I feel truly blessed and so happy that I made the decision to take the training. Also I see how this can help my yoga students and patients immensely." 

What exactly will I learn in the

Bartu NSR Coach Practitioner Certification?

Module 1: Reprogram Vital Health Systems- 4 days

1. NSR HealingRemove Pain, Tensions and Stress in the

Spine and Abdominal Organs

Learn to test, palpate and distinguish the different levels in the body: The superficial fascial, Muscles Chains, the Ligaments holding the organs and bone in place. How to release blockages and emotional tension stored in the memory of the connective tissues (fasciae). 

  • How to evaluate, remove tension and boost the health in the entire Spine and Digestive Organs.

  • Release the tensions in the Colon, Stomach, Bladder.

  • Regulate pressure in the Lungs, Kidneys, and Solar Plexus. Learn simple specific release technics for the Psoas, Diaphragm and the Vertebraes.


2. Reprogram your Respiratory System, Activate your Abdominal Brain and your Center of Intuition  

How can we transform the respiratory muscles to increase our intuition, our autoregulation and the function of our abdominal brain? 

  • Research and techniques of how to use the respiratry system to balence acidity and pressure in the body and create deep physchological well being

  • Release physical and emotional tensions in the diaphram.

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram and empower a person's breathing mechanism in 5-10 mins?

3. Reprogram your Posture and your Body Consciousness

Techniques to stimulate your proprioception centers and vestibular system to promote deep sensorial consciousness, emotional confidence and Perfect Posture Presence (PPP). How does PPP positively affect the nervous system, the brain, our self worth and the muscles and fascial chains in the body? 

  • How to develop PPP in standing, walking and sitting?

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram your posture alignment and teach yourself and others Perfect Postural Presence in 5-10 mins


4. Learn ancient Japanese self-healing and self-strengthening techniques to boost your Vitality & Immune system

Discover simple & powerful Goju-Ryu Karate trainning methods which:

- Increase the “Chi” inner energy and production of white blood cells

- Pump and purify the lymph glands

- Increase cellular rejuvenation in the skin and organs

- Cleanse the cells of the heart, lungs and hormonal glands

- Increase concentration, memory and work productivity

Module 2 - Neuro Empowerment & Cellular Detoxification - 4 days

 1. Reprogram your Digestive System: Activate mechanisums of Auto Cleansing and Detoxification

What daily 5 mins exercises and what Super Foods removes toxins from your body, slow down the aging process of cells and make you look and feel young everyday.

  • What natural ingredients cleanse and purify your blood and your digestive organs? 

  • How can you strengthen the lymphatic system to promote sustainable health and eliminate potential illnesses and imbalances?   

  • Activate your inner detoxifying mechanism in your muscles, organs and all body cells.        

2. Learn Techniques to release scars and old physical tensions and blockages in the muscles, ligaments and fascia.

Fascia responds to mechanical tension and neuro chemical stimuli. Oxytocin relaxs and releases tension in the fascia, other neurochemicals may cause the fascia to contract. Learn to manage the tension, pressure and vitality in your fascial system. Learn scientific explainations of the importance of having healthy fascia system and how emotioanl tension gets stored in scars and how to release them.

  •  Release old tensions from your fascial web and learn how to  produce more oxytocin and myofibroblasts.

  • Learn Cognitive Patterns and presice physcial movements which fortifiy, release and relax the "Deep Spiral Fascial Chains".



3. Reprogram your Hormonal System to increase your Energy levels, Motivation, Concentration and Physical Well Being

Learn how to activate your hormonal glands and cognitive thinking patterns which trigger daily long lasting happy hormones (Dopamine, Endorphins). 

  • Discover research on "Personal Power Thoughts" and learn how to use them to transform past, present and future perceptions of reality.

  • Anatominal explainations of all the factors which affect the balence of the hormonal system and learn technics to regulate them. 

4. Reprogram your Emotional Cognitive Patterns &

Develop Neuro-Emotional Clarity

"Emotions are only thoughts in the present moment"

How to sustainably transform self-limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns into new physiologically empowering thoughts?


  • Reprogram your inner dialogue, the deep voices which we so often automatically obey

  • How can Emotional Consciousness Techniques give you mental, physical and emotional clarity.

Level 3 : Neuro Stress Management & Attaining states of Mental Clarity,  - 4 days

1. Reprogram the Pressure in your Heart, Lungs and major Arteries  

Learn how to reprogram the pressure regulating mechanisms and eliminate major risks of blood congestion, inflammation and high blood pressure? How can you strengthen the lymphatic system and acidity autoregulation to promote sustainable health and eliminate potential illnesses? 

  • Techniques to release tension and restore elasticity and oxygen supply in the muscular filaments of the heart and lungs

  • How to sustainably reprogram your own and your clients’ pressure regulating mechanisms in 5-10 mins

2.Learn modern scientific breathing techniques from professional Apnoea divers to optimise stress management 

Discover the powerful physiological benefits of breath retention (apnea) on the mind, heart and stress management. Learn simple breath retention techniques to

  • Balance out blood aciditiy -Decrease the amount of Co2 in the blood

  • Optimise lung and heart function and capacity

  • Purify the blood from old red blood cells

  • Increase our body's ability to reduce and stress and anxiety

  • Attain deep states of stillness and calmness 

3. Learn powerful ancient Vedanta (Yoga) techniques to create Super Consciousness States and increase Creativity.

How to train your nervous system and mind to attain deeper states of consciousness

and release deep physical and emotional tensions. Learn to work with advanced Yogic Mind Centering methods which:

- slow down the cognitive thinking processes

 -bring clarity to the mind and emotions

- attain deep mental and physical relaxation

- activating your body's creative forces 



4. Reprogram the Ego: our false identification with the self

Understand the nature of the mind, thought, emotions and attachement. Learn how to create a neurological shift in consiousness to:

  • Reprogramm your conditioned mind patterns to transforms personal judgements of past, present and future experiences. 

  • Detach your self from illusionary mental constructs, unconscious thoughts and desires.  

  • Live more in the present moment and experience mental & emotional freedom

NSR Practitioner Certifications  

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