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Julia was suffering from immense back pain for over 15 years due to her strong scoliosis. She was in constant pain for many years and was not able to enjoy simple walks nor was she able to work normal hours behind a computer nor do any sports. After trying several methods with no sustainable success she discovered the Bartu NSR Method. After a few months of working with the Bartu Back Pain Release Protocol® and the Bartu Hormone Boosting Series® Julia was able to be pain-free and start enjoying her life to the fullest again.

How is the Bartu NSR Method unique?  (Part 1)

Is the Bartu NSR Education right for you?

How can my body change in the

2 day NSR Level 1 Course? (Part 1)

How is the Bartu NSR Method unique?  (Part 2)

What happens when you recieve the Bartu NSR Protocol for the Organs?

What happens when you recieve the NSR Protocol for the Breath?


Neuro Somatic Reprogramming- NSR is a unique selection of multi-dimensional researched technics that allow humans to create new neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, cellular rejuvenation, neuromuscular strength, emotional wellbeing and the release of long lasting "happy hormones".


NSR is a powerful change management tool that transforms the way people think, breath, move, react and feel to have the greatest impact both personally and professionally.


NSR Courses and Certification are not only about personal physiological competence and excellence; they are about acquiring the wisdom and skills to be able to create powerful positive neurological transformations in your clients, patients, friends or family.

How can the Bartu NSR Protocol change your life? (Part 1) 

How can the NSR Protocol change your life? (Part 2)

"I am amazed at how much my body and mind changed from my NSR Training. I am now able to instantaneously transform my thoughts, my mood, and energy levels. I could immediately use the NSR techniques on my coaching clients and I am impressed by how fast I can create positive structural and emotional changes in them"


Thomas Crown, Life Coach &  Business Consultant, London

"I can't believe how good the "happy hormones" release techniques make me feel. I'm excited to try out all these amazing techniques on my family, friends and Yoga students.This is exactly what I was looking for! The course had an excellent delivery, professional while also managing to be informal, relaxed and friendly"


 Elizabeth Harward, Yoga Teacher, Switzerland

"I walked out of the course feeling incredible, totally transformed and energised. I immediately started applying the NSR Healing© methods to my patients and the results were amazing and immediate! Thank you for giving us these incredible tools and understanding of the body and mind. I highly recommend this training for all health practitioners, therapists and body workers".


Anna Orchard, Physiotherapist, Australia

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