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NSR Health Retreats 8 Days

2-9th Nov 2018 Costa Brava, Spain

NSR Health Retreats

Mental Clarity
Resilience to Stress
Intuition & Creativity
Self Pain Release Protocols


  • Daily NSR yoga classes in studio and on the beach

  • Daily access to spa

  • 8 nights accommodation in 4 star hotel

  • Daily breakfast & lunch

  • Personal attention to address personal health issues

  • NSR Deep relaxation session & Mental Clarity trainings

  • Thematic workshops 

  • Day trip to beautiful local village

  • NSR Treatments and Massage available

  • Transportation to and from the airport

Join Sebastian Bartu C.O. in this 8 day transformational retreat at Costa Brava, Spain. If you are planning to have a health transformation and create sustainable positive changes in your body and mind then this retreat is designed for you.

In this powerful retreat, you will learn scientifically proven NSR Protocols to effectively neutralize stress, attain states of high performance, mental clarity and release old patterns of tension and pain in your body.

What will you learn & experience on this retreat? 

Mental Clarity and Release of Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions. 
"Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions" create a permanent unnecessary production of lactic acid.
An increase in blood acidity affects all brain functions reducing our ability to concentrate, to take decisions, to respond appropriately to stress and to have clear thoughts. Acidity also creates fertile ground for inflammation, chronic pains, stiffness in the joints and infections. 

Learn NSR Protocols to identify and neutralize these unconscious muscle contractions to reduce body's acidity, and optimise brain functions. 


Attain States of high performance and increase blood flow to the brain 
Presentation of scientific research showing why the irrigation of the brain is so important for mental clarity and states of high performance. Presentation of simple, safe and efficient NSR techniques to improve the major neurological structures which control the quantity of blood flow to the brain.
Increase Resilience to stress and decrease pressure in the digestive organs 
Presentation of scientific research confirming that the pressure in our digestive organs and the breathing mechanism  are directly correlated to the our ability to manage stress and be intuitive. Learn NSR techniques to improve the body’s resilience to stress by reprogramming the entire respiratory muscles and rebalance the pressure in our digestive organs.
Learn NSR Self Pain Release Protocols which integrate multi-dimensional researched technics in Neuro- Emotional Psychology, Osteopathy, Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts. Learn simple and powerful protocols to release tension and pain in the

- Spine

- Shoulder

- Neck

- Digestive organs

- Hips, Knees and feet.

Create new positive neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, cellular rejuvenation, neuromuscular strength, emotional wellbeing and the release of long lasting "happy hormones". 

NSR Detox & Nutritional Boost. Learn the science behind sustainable healthy eating. How can your food effect your brain functions? Learn to work with the NSR 21 day detox

Hote Colon & Spa ****

     At the end of this Retreat you'll be able to say the following statements 

  • I understand the anatomical relationships between the most important health system in the body and how to activate them

  • I can reprogramm the following structures in myself and in others: Respiratory System, Heart & Blood Pressure, Facials Chains, Pressure Regulation Mechanism, Hormonal System,  Posture and Self Confidence.

  • I have mastered the NSR Hormone Boosting Series and the NSR Yoga Neuro Empowerment Series

  • I can use NSR Self Pain Release Protocols to release pain in the spine, abdominal organs, neck and shoulders

  • I have integrated masterful skills of emotional and mental clarity and l can apply techniques for physical and hormonal excellence

  • I have the tools and training to acivate my intuition and my abdominal brain.



Plaça de les Barques, s/n Caldes d'Estrac 08393 · BARCELONA (Spain)(+34) 93 791 04 00 


  • 4 Star Hotel & Spa right on the beach

  • En-suite bathroom attached to each bedroom

  • Heated pool

  • Spa

  • Hot tub / Jacuzzi

  • Sauna

  • 1.5 hours from Barcelona Airport

  • 1 hour from Girona Airport

 NSR Health Management 7 day Retreat


 2-9th Nov 2018


Sebastian Bartu C.O.



Plaça de les Barques, s/n Caldes d'Estrac 08393 · BARCELONA


3,500. - Euros

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Dr. Miriam Burger M.D. 

Medical Doctor.


Completed the NSR Core Reprogramming Course in Zurich, Switzerland in May 2015


+41 44 715 15 95


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