NSR Practitioner - Level 2

Level 2 - Neuro Empowerment  & Cellular Detoxification

The NSR Level 2 Certification is 3 days course  

 1. Reprogram your Digestive System: Activate mechanisums of Auto Cleansing and Detoxification

What daily 5 mins exercises and what Super Foods removes toxins from your body, slow down the aging process of cells and make you look and feel young everyday.

  • What natural ingredients cleanse and purify your blood and your digestive organs? 

  • How can you strengthen the lymphatic system to promote sustainable health and eliminate potential illnesses and imbalances?   

  • Activate your inner detoxifying mechanism in your muscles, organs and all body cells.        

2. Reprogram your Hormonal System to increase your Energy levels, Motivation, Concentration and Physical Well Being

Learn how to activate your hormonal glands and cognitive thinking patterns which trigger daily long lasting happy hormones (Dopamine, Endorphins). 

  • Discover research on "Personal Power Thoughts" and learn how to use them to transform past, present and future perceptions of reality.

  • Anatominal explainations of all the factors which affect the balence of the hormonal system and learn technics to regulate them. 

3. Reprogram your Emotional Cognitive Patterns &

Develop Neuro-Emotional Clarity

"Emotions are only thoughts in the present moment"

How to sustainably transform self-limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns into new physiologically empowering thoughts?


  • Reprogram your inner dialogue, the deep voices which we so often automatically obey

  • How can Emotional Consciousness Techniques give you mental, physical and emotional clarity.

4. Brain & Homunculus Boost : Send 25% more blood to the sensory and motor cortex.

The Cortical Homunculus is how your brain sees your body from the inside and represents the importance of various parts of your body as seen by your brain. Humans put great emphasis on speech and manipulation of objects by the hands, so for this reason, humans have large amounts of cortex devoted to mouth, tongue, and hands.


  • We only use 20% of our brain! Discover techniques and the physiological benefits of increasing by 25% the amout of blood and stimulation you can send to the moto and sensory cortext. 

NSR Practitioner Certifications  

All NSR Courses are offered in English, German,

Portuguese, Spanish and French

All NSR Courses include a NSR Certificate

Zurich NSR Practitioner- Level 2

2 Day Course 17-19th Nov 2017


17-19 Nov 2017


Sebastian Bartu C.O.


Zurich, Switzerland


•10-13h  & 14:00 18:00 Uhr


900. - Euros

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150.- Euros


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Dr. Miriam Burger M.D. 

Medical Doctor.


Completed the NSR Core Reprogramming Course in Zurich, Switzerland in May 2015


+41 44 715 15 95


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