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NSR Yoga Therapy® Certification Retreat


Next NSR Yoga Therapy® Certification

in English in Spain 

Open to everyone & specially designed for Yoga students and practitioners

Fundamental Certification - 2 days

- Barcelona- Shanti Vida Yoga Hub:

22-23rd Sept


Fundamental & Core Certification - 8 days

- Barcelona - Costa Brava:

13-20th Oct 2018

Advanced Certification 8 days

- Ibiza -Formentera: 25th May - 1st June 2019

Learn how to remove pain in yourself and in the people you serve

 Become a NSR Yoga Therapist®

Our NSR Yoga therapy certification has a practical grounding in therapeutic yoga skills and combines powerful simplified techniques of Osteopathy, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness and Martial Arts.


We view individuals as unique being and our approach is holistic and integrative: our therapists are trained to adapt yoga practices and NSR techniques and apply them to the needs of each individual.


You will learn simplified Osteopathic diagnosis skills to be able to find blockages in the entire muscular-skeletal system, digestive organs and lymphatic nodes.

You will learn the NSR Methodology and several NSR Protocols which give you a system of treatment which allows you to address the primary health blockages to create transformational sustainable changes in the body and mind.


     At the end of this training you'll be able to say the following statements 

  • I can offer private one on one session or group classes of NSR Yoga Therapy® to blockages and increase the health of : Respiratory System, Digestive Organs, Heart & Blood Pressure, Hormonal System, The Posture & Self Confidence.

  • I can teach my clients the NSR Yoga Pain Release Series & the NSR Hormone Boosting Series.

  • I can use NSR Manual Medicine© techniques to release pain in the spine, abdominal organs, neck and shoulders, knees and hips.

  • I have integrated masterful skills of emotional and mental clarity and l can teach techniques for physical and hormonal balance and auto-regulation.

  • I have the tools and techniques to activate my intuition and my abdominal brain and I can teach these tools and techniques to my clients.


Because yoga therapy is a new, emerging discipline, we encourage debate and diversity among teachers and students and take a non-dogmatic approach to our teaching. As well as theory, the course is rooted in the development of practical skills.


We offer our students virtual learning environment to enhance effective commination and learning.


Our certification is a unique blended learning experience combining face to face group certification retreats in inspiring locations and well structured e-Learning platforms.

Our Online learning material creates greater freedom and flexibility for both teacher and student. Our virtual learning system ensure that our students stay connected to peers and teachers anytime and anywhere and enable students to enrichen and consolidate their learning after onsite training courses.

The NSR Yoga Coaching Intensive Retreat.

At this live and In-Person program, you will learn simple and safe Protocols for helping people reduce and eradicate symptoms and progress on a path of healing. You will learn this for yourself and how to use it with the clients you work with. 

After your in-person experience, you will begin a ninety-day practicum where you will practice your skills on your students.


Your practicum will be guided by me, and supported with online live mentoring calls as well as a private members only website with more more lessons and video to support you in your growth and development.

Take your yoga teaching certification to the next level with our NSR Yoga Therapy® Certification Retreat

Our NSR Yoga Therapy® Certification has been carefully created for people of all ages, physical ability, and previous Yoga experience.


Whether a beginner, advanced practitioner, teacher or someone looking to empower their own health, remove chronic pain from their body this course will transform your body and your ability to enhance health and well being in yourself and in others. 

The structure of the course allows those with less experience to follow the teachings, while giving more experienced students the opportunity to expand their knowledge and expertise. I will teach you how your can integrate the NSR Pain Release Protocols® in your private Yoga Therapy sessions as well as your regular group Yoga classes.

The NSR Yoga Therapy® training teaches you cutting edge NSR techniques, teaching methodology, anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy and practicum.


At the end of this training you will receive a NSR Certification which allows you to offer NSR Yoga Therapy® to your clients as both private sessions as well as group classes. 

With the NSR Knowledge and skills you will automatically stand out as a yoga teachers and you will be fully prepared and confident to start your new carreer as a NSR Yoga Therapist.

Join Sebastian Bartu C.O. in this 8 day transformational NSR Yoga Coaching® Intensive in Costa Brava,  Barcelona, Spain. 

In this powerful NSR Yoga Coaching Certification you will learn

  • scientifically proven NSR Protocols to effectively neutralize stress, attain states of high performance, mental clarity and release old patterns of tension and pain in your body

  • the core applications of NSR in the practice and philosophy of Yoga. You will receive a diploma in NSR Yoga Therapy Certified Teacher upon your successful completion of the course.


NSR is about creating physical vitality, emotional strength and choice where previously these elements were lacking. In this course you will learn tools for yourself and your clients to experience neurological empowerment,  hormonal strength, chronic pain release and learn to teach with greater safety. 

You will learn first how to do yourselves the full series of the NSR Yoga Self Healing Protocols. Then you will learn how to teach all these protocols in a safe, empowering way to create sustainable positive changes in your students.

Who is this course for? 

This NSR Certification is especially designed for Yoga Teachers, Yoga Students, Pilates Teachers,  Health Practitioners and all individuals who work with the body.

Highly recommended to individuals interested in discovering a new form of Yoga: NSR Yoga®. No prior knowledge or experience is required to participate in this NSR Training. 

NSR Lungs & Liver Release 

Fundamental & Core NSR Yoga Therapy Certification - 8 Days

Course Overview


  • How can you overcome and heal old lesions, trauma through NSR Yoga Therapy® Series. Learn NSR emergency healing technics to remove pain, tensions and blockages in the spine, organs and major articulations 

  • Learn NSR Yoga Series® and  Protocoles which integrate multi-dimensional researched techniques in Osteopathy, Neuro-Psychology, Thai Massage, Mindfulness and Martial Arts.

  • Learn powerful NSR Pain Release Protocols which integrate techniques of Osteopathy, Thai Massage, Psychology and Ayurvedic Medicine. 

  • Help people who suffer from chronic pain, injuries, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, addiction, and emotional 

  • Turn your passion into your profession that's unique and in-demand compared to competing for elusive Yoga Teaching positions

  • Deepen your understanding of the unique healing powers of  Osteopathy, Yoga and Myofascial Release 

  • Connect to a global community of Yoga Therapists

  • Combine online training with live retreats for the best learning experience

  • Create your own practice helping patients one-on-one

  • Learn through our convenient online and retreat blended format


NSR Reprogramming the Posture Protocol
NSR Reprogramming the Breath Protocol

Anatomical and Physiological Principles of Neurological Empowerment

and Safety for Yoga Teachers and Students


  • What simple anatomical concepts and practical techniques can a Yoga student or teacher use to enhance the physiological benefits of their work?

  • What are the major risks of injury in yoga and body work? What are the common mistakes? How can we avoid them?

  • 7 fundamental questions on health and lifestyle that a health practitioner and yoga teacher can ask their students to ensure the maximum security in their practice.

  • Simple anatomical and physiological explanations of how yoga and body work can have a positive and negative affect on the following structures.

              - The membranes in the cranium

              - The dynamic interconnected matrix of muscles chains and the fascia web.

              - The dura membranes system

              - The irrigation of the brain: the CO2 and O2 balance

  • Why is the appropriate Sympathetic and Parasympathetic response in the nervous system highly responsible for safety when working with the body?

  • Why is the understanding of “Muscle Barrier, Osteo-articular Barrier and Fascia Barrier“ essential to eliminate the risks of injuries and risks of over stretching the body? What is the "tissue spring"? How can we increase it?  Why is it so essential for optimum health?  What simple palpation techniques allow us to feel and work with the spring in all the majors joints in the body?

  • How can we work with the powerful physiological mechanisms that promote auto regulation, sustainable health and trigger deep neurological empowerment?

NSR Basic Movement Training  
NSR Chi Charging Series 
NSR Myofascial Boosting Series 
NSR Heart & Lungs Decompression Protocol 
NSR Hormone Boosting Series 

 Reprogramming the Respiratory System &

Activating the Abdominal Brain and the Center of Intuition

  • How does reprogramming the respiratory system eliminate major risks of yoga and body work injuries?

  • What essential anatomical and physiological principals of the respiratory system can a yoga teacher and body worker share with their clients to avoid injuries and enhance the physiological benefits of their work?

  • When and why does superficial breathing mechanism become dangerous and provoke a sympathetic response in the body? How does NSR Abdominal Breathing® provokes a parasympathetic response: increase autoregulation, hormonal balance and stress release. Why is this so important for a safe practice?

  • What type of breathing can positively affect the pressure, acidity, hormonal balance and membranous tension in the body?

  • What are the physiological benefits of a proper functioning diaphragm and how can we release old tensions and trauma in this muscle?

  • What signs indicate that a person’s breathing mechanism is limited or blocked? 

  • Why is our intuition, consciousness and body awareness 100% connected to our ability to relax the abdomen and have a fine motor-control of our abdominal muscles? 

  • What is the abdominal brain? What is our gut feeling? Why are these elements so important for a safe empowering yoga practice and body work?

  • How can simple free diving theory and techniques be used to help us to understand the effect of pranayama?

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram the breathing mechanism in 5-10 mins?

  • Learn how to work with the systemic power of abdominal breathing and developing fine motor control of the entire respiratory muscles system.

 Reprogramming the Pressure Regulating

Mechanism of the Blood, Heart, Lungs & Digestive Organs

  • How does reprogramming the pressure regulating mechanisms eliminate major risks of injury, blood congestion, inflammation and high blood pressure?

  • Simple anatomical and physiological explanations of the pressure regulating mechanisms

  • What regulates the pressure in the body?

  • What prevents the body from regulating its pressure? What are the dangers if the pressures in the body can not be regulated?

  • What specific stretches and breathing exercises empower the pressure regulating mechanisms and how can we use them safely?

  • Simple manual auto-techniques to release, empower, strengthen and re-center the pressure regulating mechanisms.

  • Techniques to release the tension and restore elasticity and oxygen supply in the muscular filaments of the 3 diaphragms.

  • How to sustainably reprogram your own and your clients’ pressure regulating mechanisms in 5-10 mins.

 Removing Tensions, Pains and Blockages from the

Spine, the Organs and all Major Articulations in the Body

  • Learn Powerful NSR Healing Technics to restore health, optimal function, alignement, vitality and elasticity in different parts of the body

  • Release pressure in the Spine and all Organs which attach on to the spine through fascial connections.

  • Increase the comminication between the muslces system and the brain.

  • Increase the Lymphatic System and Immune System

  • Strengthen the ligaments and tendons of majors articulations.

  • Emergency NSR Healing techniques to quickly release pains and realign the Pelvis, Neck, Hips, Knees and Feet. 

  • Learn how to release blockages in the deep facsial chains. 

  • Release emotional tension in the organs, articulations and fascia (connective tissue)

  • Learn precise NSR Exercise Programs to recover from chronic injuries and pains in the major articulations in the body

What will you learn & experience on this

NSR Yoga Therapy Certification? 

Mental Clarity and Release of Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions. 
"Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions" create a permanent unnecessary production of lactic acid.
An increase in blood acidity affects all brain functions reducing our ability to concentrate, to take decisions, to respond appropriately to stress and to have clear thoughts. Acidity also creates fertile ground for inflammation, chronic pains, stiffness in the joints and infections. 

Learn NSR Protocols to identify and neutralize these unconscious muscle contractions to reduce body's acidity, and optimise brain functions. 


Attain States of high performance and increase blood flow to the brain 
Presentation of scientific research showing why the irrigation of the brain is so important for mental clarity and states of high performance. Presentation of simple, safe and efficient NSR techniques to improve the major neurological structures which control the quantity of blood flow to the brain.
Increase Resilience to stress and decrease pressure in the digestive organs 
Presentation of scientific research confirming that the pressure in our digestive organs and the breathing mechanism  are directly correlated to the our ability to manage stress and be intuitive. Learn NSR techniques to improve the body’s resilience to stress by reprogramming the entire respiratory muscles and rebalance the pressure in our digestive organs.
Learn NSR Self Pain Release Protocols which integrate multi-dimensional researched technics in Neuro- Emotional Psychology, Osteopathy, Yoga, Meditation and Martial Arts. Learn simple and powerful protocols to release tension and pain in the

- Spine

- Shoulder

- Neck

- Digestive organs

- Hips, Knees and feet.

Create new positive neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, cellular rejuvenation, neuromuscular strength, emotional wellbeing and the release of long lasting "happy hormones". 

NSR Detox & Nutritional Boost. Learn the science behind sustainable healthy eating. How can your food effect your brain functions? Learn to work with the NSR 21 day detox


  • Daily NSR Yoga Therapy classes in the studio and on the beach

  • Daily access to spa

  • 7 nights accommodation in 4 star hotel

  • Daily breakfast & lunch

  • Personal attention to address personal health issues

  • NSR Deep relaxation session & Mental Clarity trainings

  • Thematic workshops 

  • Day trip to beautiful local village

  • NSR Treatments and Massage available

  • Transportation to and from the airport

     At the end of this Certification you'll be able to say the following statements 

  • I understand the anatomical relationships between the most important health system in the body and how to activate them

  • I can reprogramm the following structures in myself and in others: Respiratory System, Heart & Blood Pressure, Facials Chains, Pressure Regulation Mechanism, Hormonal System,  Posture and Self Confidence.

  • I have mastered the NSR Hormone Boosting Series and the NSR Yoga Neuro Empowerment Series

  • I can use NSR Self Pain Release Protocols to release pain in the spine, abdominal organs, neck and shoulders

  • I have integrated masterful skills of emotional and mental clarity and l can apply techniques for physical and hormonal excellence

  • I have the tools and training to acivate my intuition and my abdominal brain.

Hote Colon & Spa ****



Plaça de les Barques, s/n Caldes d'Estrac 08393 · BARCELONA (Spain)(+34) 93 791 04 00 


  • 4 Star Hotel & Spa right on the beach

  • En-suite bathroom attached to each bedroom

  • Heated pool

  • Spa

  • Hot tub / Jacuzzi

  • Sauna

  • 1.5 hours from Barcelona Airport

  • 1 hour from Girona Airport

Fundamental & Core NSR Yoga Therapy Certification 

Barcelona 13-20th Oct 2018

Dr. Miriam Burger M.D. 

Medical Doctor.


Is the NSR Training right for you?

Fundamental & Core NSR Yoga Therapy Certification

13-20th Oct 2018

Advanced NSR Yoga Therapy Certification

25th May - 1st June 2019


Sebastian Bartu C.O.



Plaça de les Barques, s/n Caldes d'Estrac 08393 · BARCELONA


  • Course days 08:00 - 18:00

  • Departure day 08:00 - 14:00

NSR Testimonials

"First of all a big thank you because since the course my shoulder pains have completly gone! This trainning changed my vision of the human engine and the positive potential results yoga can create in the body, mind and heart. I have been teaching the NSR Yoga Series to my students and they have been feeling the immediate benefits." 

Thomas Boston, Yoga Teacher


+41 44 715 15 95


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