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"The Science of Sustainable Neurological Empowerment"

Our mission is to offer high quality education, create the opportunity for our students to experience their full potential and to develop the skills necessary in becoming a successful NSR Certified Practitioner.

NSR is a health empowering system which provides people with a methodology and an understanding to diagnose and reprogram the core neurological structures in the body.


" NSR allows you to create new powerful neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, cellular rejuvenation, neuromuscular strength, emotional well-being and

daily long lasting happy hormones "


The NSR Methodology integrates powerful principles and techniques of Osteopathy, Neuro-Psychology, Yoga and Meditation which enable people to unblock their physical, mental and emotional structures.

What is Neuro Somatic Reprogramming®

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NSR techniques:

  • Balance muscular contractions and tensions, change gene expression, support protein synthesis, and stimulate communication and function between different cell types

  • Increase cell vitality, function and cleansing of the extracellular matrix including vascular, immune, nervous and regenerative cells 

Neuro Somatic Reprogramming describes the fundamental dynamics between the mind's cognitive structures (neuro) and the body (somatic) and how their interplay creates deep unconscious programs and patterns which can be transformed (reprogramming).


Neuro: Each individual has established their own unique neurological and cognitive patterns to respond to the demands of their environment and process the millions of bits of data being absorbed through the senses. As a child we develop these neurological patterns and with time and repetition they become deeper ingrained in our nervous system and determine our behavior, our emotions, our judgement, our perception and ultimately our well-being. We all have physical and mental patterns of constriction which we use when we are stressed or under pressure. When we are stuck in those patterns it can be very difficult to effectively use all of our resources to overcome challenges.


Somatic The word “somatic” comes from the Greek word “soma,” meaning the living body in its entirety – muscles, tissues, motions, breath, movement, thoughts, sensations, emotions and language.

NSR works with clinical research to show how deep neurological patterns, attitudes and beliefs are reflected within the individual's physical structure and function. These unconscious neuro-behavioral patterns affect the cellular physiology and the anatomy of organs, nerves, muscles and hormons. 


Reprogramming: NSR reprogramming techniques allow people to effectively transform the way their nervous system, brain and thoughts function and react. Introducing new, far more successful models of human physiological and neurological excellence which literally reshape and rebuild your body for optimal function, the NSR training increases your mental, physical and emotional consciousness and prevents you from falling back into your old physical patterns, limiting habits and belief systems. The NSR tools and techniques empower your body and mind's resources allowing you to be open, intuitive, relaxed and creative when facing challenges.  


The NSR Methodology

The NSR Training & Coaching have three pillars. 

1. Reprogramming the Vital Health Systems


2. Life Force & Vitality Boost 

3. Psycho-Social and Neuro-Emotional Reprogramming

NSR Methodology & Techniques



  • Transformation of the self occurs through systematically working through the body


  • The NSR integrative body-mind approach offers a much speedier resolution to physical, mental and emotional issues because both cognitive and somatic components of our experience are taken into account.


  • The NSR Reprogramming Techniques cause a ‘mechanical signal’ across the connective tissue that balances muscular contractions and tensions, supports protein synthesis, changes gene expression and stimulates communication and cleansing between different cell types.


  • The NSR Neuro Empowerment exercise series increase cell vitality, function and the ability to send and receive signals to other cells. These techniques have been proven to cause sustainable positive changes of the extracellular matrix including vascular, immune, nervous cells and regenerative cells. 


So by receiving NSR Techniques, you are not only supporting your current energy flow and cellular health, but you are changing the future health of your body. 


NSR- a change management tool 

that transforms the way people think, breath, move, react and feel to have the greatest impact both personally and professionally.


NSR for personal development,

physiological, mental and emotional empowerment and activating the full energetic and neurological potential of the body.


NSR is also about self-discovery,

exploring anatomy, physiology, identity and mission. It also provides a scientific framework for understanding the energetic potential and spiritual part of human experience.

"When every part of the machine is correctly adjusted and in perfect harmony, health will hold dominion over the human organism by laws as natural and immutable as the laws of gravity"


Founder of Osteopathy A. T. Still MD, DO.


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