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15 Years of Research, Clinical Experience & Teaching

NSR Manual Medicine Master Diploma 

 200 hours, 37 days training - divided in 8 Modules over 2 Years 

Corporate Neurological Stress Management

 1 Year Certification, divided in 4 Modules, 2 days each


Give your managers and employees the skills they need to perform effectively under high pressure.



Empowering individuals through NSR education: teaching them scientifically proven NSR Protocols® to

  • effectively neutralize stress

  • attain states of high performance & mental clarity

  • activate their creativity and work with their intuition

  • develop compassion and understanding towards their co-workers

  • increase trust, support and community in the company culture

All levels of the organization can learn how to integrate the NSR Protocols in their personal and professional life. 


Specific Objectives:

  • I can use NSR Protocols to

              - remove blockages, reduce pain, restore mobility and function in injuries

              - activate the lymphatic system, stimulate cellular rejuvenation.

              - restore vitality and blood flow to the brain 

              - work with my intuition and higher cognitive brain functions

  • ​I can use the NSR Office Space Exercise to reduce pain and blockages in my spine, shoulders, organs, muscles, articulations and fascial chains.

  • I can use the NSR Protocols to Reprogram the following structures: 

        Respiratory system, Pressure regulation mechanism, Hormonal System and

         Spiral Muscles Chains, Postural System.​

  • I can use the NSR Hormone Boosting Series to create hormonal excellence t activate my resilience to stress in all situations 

Practice NSR Stress Management Techniques©

Resilience in the workplace - Restore health - Release Pain   

Transforming senior executives into Healthy Business Leaders. 

NSR Corporate Neurological Stress 
Management Level 1
2 day course

Remove Pain, Tensions and Injuries in the Spine 

Learn the NSR Spine Protocols to:

  • Release pressure and restore elasticity in the lumbar spine, and solar Plexus and Diaphragm. 

  • Increase blood and lymph flow in the lumbar spine. 

  • Release the compactions, compressions and trauma of the Lumbar Spine and their fascial connections to the Colon, Stomach, Bladder.

  • Release physical and stress tensions in the Diaphragm, Solar plexus


NSR Corporate Neurological Stress 
Management Level 2
2 day course


The results which the NSR techniques give me were immediate and sustainable. My neck and back pains went away after doing the NSR 3mins Trainning for one week only..."

Chris Blake, Director of sales. London

Mental Clarity and Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions

Every muscle contraction in the body produces a byproduct of lactic acid. This increases the acidy of the blood surrounding the muscles which then increases the body’s acidity in general.

Many of us have muscles in our body which are constantly contracted. We are constantly sending the neurological signal of contraction to these muscles without even realizing it. These “Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions” create a permanent unnecessary production of lactic acid.

An increase in blood acidity affects every part of the brain. It reduces our ability to concentrate, to take decisions, to respond appropriately to stress and to have clear thoughts. Acidity in the body increases the sensitivity of all nerve endings and pain receptors. It also creates fertile ground for many health problems: inflammation, chronic pains, stiffness in the joints and infections. 

Learn NSR protocols to identify and then eliminate these “Unconscious Permanent Muscle Contractions” to

       - improve brain functions

       - increase concentration and productivity

      -  increase systemic neurological relaxation

      -  increase the production of happy hormones 


NSR Corporate Neurological Stress 
Management Level 3
2 day course

States of high performance and blood flow to the Brain, Lungs and Heart

Presentation of scientific research showing why the irrigation of the brain is so important for mental clarity and states of high performance.

Learn simple, safe and efficient NSR techniques to improve the major neurological structures which control the quantity of blood flow to the brain.

Learn NSR Heart & Lung Protocols to 

  • Increase elasticity and blood in the heart ventricles, lungs and pluera

  • Remove the permenant unconscious muscles contractions in the lungs and heart

  •  Release emotional Tension in the Fascia of the Solar plexus, thyroid gland.

  • Remove blockages and tensions in the thyroid gland and increase lymph and blood flow to the lungs and heart  

NSR Corporate Neurological Stress 
Management Level 4
2 day course

Resilience to stress and pressure in our digestive organs 

Presentation of scientific research confirming that the pressure in our digestive organs and the breathing mechanism are directly correlated to the our ability to manage stress and be intuitive.

Learn  NSR techniques to improve the body’s resilience to stress by reprogramming the entire respiratory muscles and rebalance the pressure in our digestive organs.

Reprogramming the Posture Protocol

  • Techniques to develop Perfect Posture Presence (PPP) in standing, walking and sitting?

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram your posture alignment and teach yourself and others Perfect Postural Presence in 5-10 mins


NSR Testimonials


"I have taken many trainings in the field of Coporate health but what I learnt from this NSR Training were techniques and protocles completly new to me with such effective results. The NSR Office Space exercises and technique are so powerful and easy to do, it  has completed removed the old tensions in my shouders, lower back and neck from the long hours infront of the computer. Since I started the hormone boosting series in the morning before work I feel so much more energy, motivation and drive in the office! Thank you for this fantastic course! 

Thomas Peterson, Director of Comminication department.  

NSR Austria, Vienna


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