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NSR Master Certification

Master Diploma

This is a powerful 1 year training, with 8 modules of 5 days each. It gives you the tools to release pain and restore health by using your hands, your knowledge and your NSR coaching techniques. 

You will learn all the advanced variations in NSR Reprogramming Techniques. Combined with a complete training in osteopathic palpation, treatment and realignment techniques.

You'll be able to treat and heal the following health conditions:

  • Chronic spine pains, muscle tensions 

  • Neck pains, whiplash, torticollis

  • High blood pressure, stress,  headaches, migranes

  • Post surgery pain and trauma

  • All articulation pains: spine, shoulder, neck, hips, knees, ankles & feet 

  • Inflammation of muscles and organs

  • Hormonal Imbalances

Learn to create a therapeutic space to work with newborns and children. Learn precise techniques to assess the function and tension in different health systems in a child. Identify the main blockages and learn NSR Techniques to release them.
  • Work with different protocols of palpation and Osteopathic methodology to release these blockages and restore vitality and life force in the child' s body. 
  • Develop a precise palpation through NSR techniques to diagnose and treat unbalances and restrictions in the organs, articulations, muscles and cranial membranes.
How can Yoga Teachers ensure the maximum safety and minimize risk of injury when working with clients? What simple anatomical concepts and practical techniques can a yoga teacher use to enhance the physiological benefits of their work?
  • Create new powerful positive neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, cellular rejuvenation and neuromuscular strength. 
  • Learn NSR Yoga Coaching Protocols which integrate multi-dimensionally researched techniques of Neuro-Emotional Psychology, Osteopathy and Meditation.
  • How can you overcome and heal old lesions and trauma through NSR Yoga Series? Learn NSR emergency healing techniques to remove pain, tensions and blockages in the spine, organs and major articulations.



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