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NSR for Athelets and Personal Trainers Certification

 200 hours, 30 day Course or divided in 8 Modules over 1 Year in Barcelona, Spain 

NSR for Athletes & Personal Trainers Certification

  4 Modules of 2 days each over 1 Year in Barcelona, Spain 

Course Overview

How can Athletes learn simple anatomical concepts and practical techniques to transform your trainning to:


  • Strengthen neuromuscluar power and performance by 150%

  • Release tensions, overcome injuries and remove pains in your own body and in their client's body

  • Enhance the physiological performance and power by training with NSR Chi Charging Techniques

  • Ensure the maximum safety, elmininate the risk of injury

  • Increase body consciousness, body balence and control

Next Trainning starts Nov 2017 

Barcelona, Spain  

Who is this course for? 

This NSR Training is sepcially designed for Personal Trainers, professional Athletes.

  • to anyone who wants to learn new training systems which trigger ancients muscular patterns which promote high vitality, increase muscular contractile force and enhance all physical performace levels

  • No prior knowledge or experience is required to participate in the NSR Training. 

      At the end of this training you'll be able to say the following statements 

  • I can now release pain in someones spine, abdominal organs, neck shoulder and in all body articulations.

  • I can do a complete holistic physical assessment of an athlete. I have mastered precise techniques to examine the body, test the structures and remove blockages and restore vitality, blood and lymph flow in the entire body. 

  • I can coach and teach a personalised NSR 21 day exercise program for clients to address their personal objectives in health and fitness and body power.

  • I understand the anatomical relationships in an athletes body between the muscular system, the organs, the Hormonal glands activation, the lymph nodes and the nervous system. 

  • I can teach and coach my client the NSR Neuro-Boost Trainning©  and I can explain to all the physiological and neurological benefits to each exercise.

  • I can sctivate ancestral neurological pathways which correspond to the muscles chains and the brain activity humans have used for over 200,000 years.

  • I can Reprogram the following structures in an athlete:

                          Respiratory system,  Digestive Organs, Facials Chains, Pressure & Acidity Regulation Mechanism, Hormonal                                 System, Membranous Resilience.  

You'll be able to NSR Coach, Train and improve the following health conditions
  • Lower Back Pains, Muscles Tensions

  • Neck Pains, Whip Lash, Torticolis

  • High blood pressure, Stress,  Head Aches, Migranes

  • Post surgery pain and trauma, Scared Tissue Therapy

  • Articulations Pains; Spine, Shoulder, Neck, Hips, Kness & Feet 

  • Inflammation of Muscles and Organs

  • Hormonal Imbalences

Practice NSR Neuro-Boost Trainning© 

Create A Massive Neurological Boost In Your Clients


"I have been trainning professional athelets for over 30 years and I was amazing to discover these scientific principals about muscle contractile force and potential. My NSR Trainning has given me so many tools and knowledge which I have easily incorporate in my trainings to creat more neurological empowerment for myself and for my athlet clients. This free weight trainning method is incredible! I feel so energise, powerful and in control of my body like never before! I highly recommend this trainning"

Thomas Becker, Personal Traiiner and Head Coach for Athlets Academy.

Become an NSR Certified Personal Trainer

4 Modules,  2 days each 

NSR Module 1: NSR Ancestral Power Training©  Series to strengthen the neuro-muscular power to 150% 

 “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.”

Bruce Lee

For the past 10,000 years we have been walking upstraight. For over 200,000 year we were moving on uneven surfaces. using our brains and limbs in a very different way then now. Our human shape and function is the result of repetitive nuero muscular stimulation and movements creating solid loops in the nervous system. These neurological loops create precise muscle chains of synchronised activation which allows us to exert a rapid precise movement apon demand.

  • Study the exact anatomy of what parts of the brain, nervous system and neuromuscular chians were activated repetitively. And discover research about how these ancient engrained patterns when activated can create a 150% increase in contractile force in all mucles in the body

  • Learn which variations in feet, spine and hands during any form of training allow you to trigger your oldest acestural power muscle chains and what effects this has on the brain, the muscle contraction power, hormornal release and well being


A comparative practical study of the principals and technics from different ancient healing systems designed to increase the body's vital energy and intelligence; Chi/Prana (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayuveda, Okinawa Traditional Karate, Indiginous Maya Rituals.)

  •  Awakening of the Chi is achieved by practices of synchronized "Conscious Breath and Conscious Movement"

  • Study the functioning and anatomic locations in the body where Chi energy is highly stored and learn how to release it. 



NSR Module 2: NSR Chi Charging©

Techniques from Karate, and Yoga, Meditation designed to Increase the Chi Energy through out your entire body

NSR Modeule 3. Brain & Homunculus Boost : Send 25% more blood to the sensory and motor cortex.



The Cortical Homunculus is how your brain sees your body from the inside and represents the importance of various parts of your body as seen by your brain. Humans put great emphasis on speech and manipulation of objects by the hands, so for this reason, humans have large amounts of cortex devoted to mouth, tongue, and hands.


  • We only use 20% of our brain! Discover techniques and the physiological benefits of increasing by 25% the amout of blood and stimulation you can send to the moto and sensory cortext

  • Learn exercises to empower your balence, your fine motor control, your core strength and your body consciousness

NSR Module 3: Myofascial Chains Empowerment Trainning & Fascia Freedom Techniques 

Anatomical explaination and practical techniques to be able to work with the entire myofascial chain from the one extremity to the other.  Learn to create systemic pressure and tension changes increasing the blood flow, oxygenation of the muscles.  and the. And every organ, gland, nerve undrneath the myofascial chains get stretched and mobalised in a manner which increasing the struture's elasticity, mobility,  function and strength.

  • Learn to work with NSR Myofascial Chains Technics to create a powerful pumping effect in the lymph system to trigger internal cleaning, detoxification, rejuvenation processes

  • How are the myofascial chains connected to our personality past and how to free ourselves from traumas in the fascial system. 

NSR Module 4: Heart Empowerment Training 

The physiological conditions which allow the strongest contractile force of the heart can be examines, and modelled. Learn to Model the functioning of the heart and replicate this principal of physiology in ever other part of the body. 

  • Study the anatomy of all the ligaments muscles and fascia chains which are directly connected to the heart, and learn how to relax and release tension from all these strutures

  • What Ancestural Neuro muscular patterns can we use to work specifically on strengthening the heart and the entire cardio vascular system?


NSR for Athelets & Peronal Trainers Certification 


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Sebastian Bartu C.O.


Barcelona, Spain


Start Time    9:00 

Finish Time  18:30

Total days:  2


460. - Euros

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Excellence is an art won by training and habituation. We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.



NSR Testimonials

"Amazing course, excellent presentation and innovitive unique powerful training modules and techniques.

I can feel my muscles changing orientation and increasing force since I've started my NSR Training Series.

My feet, spine and abdomen have never felt so strong and stable. I have taugh my clients "Chi Charging Series" and it's making them feel and look fantastic".

Robert Newmann, Peronal Trainer


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