NSR Empowerment for Dancers, Singers & Musiciens 

NSR Empowerment for Dancers, Singers & Musiciens 

NSR for Dancers & Singers Certification

This trainning is about giving tools, technics and knowledge to individuals who use their body as an instrument of artistic expression, allowing them to increase their performance, their muscular elasticity, strength and physical wellbeing. This training has a Level 1 and a Level 2 Certification. Each level is a 16 hours training which is completed in a 2 day course. 


Course Overview Level 1 & 2

This course gives practical, simple and powerful techniques which allow dancers, singers and musiciens to

  • enhance the vitality, energy levels and hormonal glands to promote neurological empowerment

  • release tensions, overcome injuries and remove pains and blockages in the spine, organs and major articulations

  • ensure the maximum safety and minimize risk of injury during trainings and performances

  • increase body consciousness: body balence and deep fine motor control

  • strengthen their neuromuscluar power and performance by 150%

  • strecht the deep myofascial chains to release old patterns of tension and promote deep cellular relxation


The basic anatomical and physiological principals and terminology will all be explained in simple words. No prior knowledge or experience is required to participate in this NSR Training. This NSR Empowerment for Dancer and Singers Level 1 Certification is a pre-requisit to continue your training with NSR and attend the Level 2 Certification.



Simple anatomical and physiological explanations of how dance, singing and body movement can have a positive and negative affect on the following structures:

​        - The dynamic interconnected matrix of muscles chains and the fascia web

        - The health balance of the nervous system and hormonal glands

        - The irrigation of the brain: the CO2 and O2 balance


  • Learn how to avoid the major risks of injury and common mistakes in physical performing arts, singing, dancing and musciens.

  • Why is the appropriate Sympathetic and Parasympathetic response in the nervous system highly responsible for safety when training and working with the body?

  • Why is the understanding of “Muscle Barrier, Osteo-articular Barrier and Fascia Barrier“ essential to eliminate the risks of injuries and risks of over stretching the body? What is the maximum range of tissue elasticity? How can we increase it? What simple techniques allow us to feel and work with the fascia tensions in all the majors joints in the body?

  • 7 fundamental questions on health and lifestyle that a dance/singer/music teacher can ask their students to ensure the maximum performance and security in their practice.

  • How can we work with the powerful physiological mechanisms that promote auto regulation, sustainable health and trigger deep neurological empowerment?

1. Level Anatomical and Physiological

Principles of Neurological Empowerment and Safety for Dancers

NSR for Dancers, Singers & Musiciens Level 1  

16 hours, 2 day course

 2. Reprogramming the Respiratory System &

Activating the Abdominal Brain and the Center of Intuition

  • How does reprogramming the respiratory system eliminate major risks of injuries for dancers and performing artists?

  • What essential anatomical and physiological principals of the respiratory system can enhance a dancer's performace, allowing them to overcome limitations, injuries and increase the physiological benefits of their trainning?

  • What are the dangers and risks of unconscious permenant muscles contractions and superficial breathing mechanism?  How does abdominal breathing provokes a parasympathetic response: increase autoregulation, hormonal balance and stress release. Why is this so important for dancers and performers?

  • What type of breathing can positively affect the pressure, acidity, hormonal balance and membranous tension in the body?

  • What are the physiological benefits of a proper functioning diaphragm and a 100% NSR abdominal breath?

  • Why is the functioning of our abdominal brain, intuition, consciousness and body awareness 100% connected to our ability to relax the abdomen and have a fine motor-control of our abdominal muscles? Why are these elements so important for a dancer's safety and health? 

  • How can simple free diving theory and techniques be used to empower the nervous system and lungs by 150%.

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram the breathing mechanism in 5-10 mins for yourself and for others?

3. Reprogram the Postural Alignment System,  

Body Consciousness and the Hormonal System 

  • Activate your hormonal glands to increase your energy level, your concentration, your physical performances and motivation

  • Learn how to trigger daily long lasting happy hormones (Dopamine, Endorphins)

  • Anatomical and physiological explanation and practical training to develop Perfect Postural Presence (PPP).

  • Why does poor posture increase joint friction, calcium deposits and pressure on the tendons and ligaments?

  • How does PPP make the weight of the body pass through the skeletal system allowing the organs to be free of any form of weight bearing? Why is this so important for dancers, singers, musciens and performers?

  • How does PPP positively affect the nervous system and the muscles and fascial chains in the body?

  • How to develop PPP in dancing, singings, standing, walking, sitting. 

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram your posture alignment and teach yourself and others Perfect Postural Presence in 5-10 mins. 

NSR for Dancers, Singers & Musiciens Level 2  

16 hours, 2 day course

1. Reprogram the Pressure Regulating

Mechanism of the Blood, Heart, Lungs and the Digestive Organs

  • Why is reprogramming the pressure regulating mechanisms so important and benefical for musiciens, dancers, singers and performers? How does it eliminate major risks of blood congestion, chronic inflammation and high blood pressure?

  • What regulates the pressure in the body, in the heart, lungs and digestive organs? What prevents the body from regulating its pressure 

  • What are the dangers if the pressures in the body can not be regulated?

  • What specific stretches and breathing exercises empower the heart, lungs and disgestive organs? 

  • Simple manual auto-techniques to release, empower, strengthen and re-center the pressure regulating mechanisms.

  • Techniques to release the tension and restore elasticity and oxygen supply in your diaphragm and solar plexus

  • How to sustainably reprogram your own and your clients’ pressure regulating mechanisms in 5-10 mins.

2. Removing Tension, Pains and Blockages from the

Spine, the Organs and all Major Articulations in the Body

  • Learn Powerful NSR Healing © Technics to restore health, optimal function, alignement, vitality and elasticity in different parts of the body

  • Release pressure in the entire spine and the major digestive organs

  • Increase the comminication between the muslces system and the brain.

  • Increase the Lymphatic System and Immune System

  • Strengthen the ligaments and tendons of majors articulations.

  • Emergency NSR Healing © techniques to quickly release pain and pressure in the Pelvis, Neck, Hips, Knees and Feet. 

  • Learn how to release blockages in the deep facsial chains. 

  • Release emotional tension in the organs, articulations and connective tissue

  • Learn precise NSR Exercise Programs to recover from chronic injuries and pains in the major articulations in the body

NSR for Dancers, Singer & Musciens

 Level 1 

This NSR Level 1 Certification is a 16 hours trainning 2 day course  


21-22 Oct 2018 


Sebastian Bartu C.O.


Barcelona, Spain


Start Time    9:00 

Finish Time  18:30

Total days:  2


590. - Euros

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NSR Testimonials


"I attended the NSR Trainning especially for Contact Improvisation Dancers and was amazing at everything I learn. I discovered new muscle stability in my feet, and I completly removed the tension in my spine and stomach which has given me so much more elasticity and body control.

All dancers, actors, singers and stage performer would benefit from such a trainning."


Racheal Smith, Professional Dancer & Teacher

"To dance is to be out of yourself. Larger, more beautiful, more powerful."


Martha Graham

“To be creative means to be in love with life. You can be creative only if you love life enough that you want to enhance its beauty, you want to bring a little more music to it, a little more poetry to it, a little more dance to it.”




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