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Self  Back Pain Release & Digestive Tract Empowerment 

21 Day - 3 months Online Course


This effective, simple and safe course teaches you how you can finally be free of back pain and restore the health and function of your digestive system. 
Who is this course for? 
  • For people who are interested in creating deep health empowering changes in their body, or who are looking for sustainable solutions for pain, tensions, and blockages in different parts of their body. 

  • These courses are designed for absolutely everyone. No prior knowledge or experience is needed to participate in the NSR Online Self Healing Education Program. The basic anatomical and physiological principles and terminology will all be explained in simple words.


In this course, you will also learn several different NSR Training Protocols which empower the brain, hormonal system, lymph system and create deep sustainable wellbeing. 

Below is a sample of the Bartu NSR Hormone Boosting  Online Education Platform

Are you a Health Professional eager to learn the NSR Protocols for your patients?

Bartu NSR Manual Medicine Practitioner Online Certification

For Therapists to learn how to apply the NSR Healing Protocols on Clients and 


These courses are designed for people who work in the field of health. ​

This training teaches you  

  • NSR Diagnosis Protocols : tools to be able to evaluate, diagnose and identify major dysfunctions in the body.  

  • NSR Manual Medicine Protocols: simple, powerful and pain-free NSR techniques to resolve chronic health issues, pain and blockages in different parts and systems in the body.

We offer the following NSR Online Manual Medicine Certification

     Bartu NSR Coaching Practitioner - Fundamentals - Advanced - Master. 

- Certification for Yoga teachers, Pilates Instructors, Health Coaches, Personal Trainers     


     Bartu NSR Manual Medicine Practitioner

-Certification for Manual Therapists: Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Physicians                  

NSR Reprogramming the Breath Protocol
NSR Reprogramming the Posture Protocol
NSR Hormone Boosting Series 
NSR Heart & Lungs Decompression Protocol 
NSR Myofascial Boosting Series 
NSR Chi Charging Series 
NSR Basic Movement Training  
NSR Lungs & Liver Release 
NSR Colon & Bladder Release 
NSR Colon &
 Shoulder Release 
NSR Posterior Knee Release 


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