NSR Practitioner - Level 4

The NSR Level 3 Certification is a 3 day training  

Level 4: Attaining states of Mental Clarity, Super Consciousness & Neurological  Stress Management

1. Learn powerful ancient Vedanta (Yoga) techniques to create Super Consciousness States and increase Creativity.

How to train your nervous system and mind to attain deeper states of consciousness

and release deep physical and emotional tensions. Learn to work with advanced Yogic Mind Centering methods which:

- slow down the cognitive thinking processes

 -bring clarity to the mind and emotions

- attain deep mental and physical relaxation

- activating your body's creative forces 



2. Reprogram the Ego: our false identification with the self

Understand the nature of the mind, thought, emotions and attachement. Learn how to create a neurological shift in consiousness to:

  • Reprogramm your conditioned mind patterns to transforms personal judgements of past, present and future experiences. 

  • Detach your self from illusionary mental constructs, unconscious thoughts and desires.  

  • Live more in the present moment and experience mental & emotional freedom

3.Learn modern scientific breathing techniques from professional Apnoea divers to optimise stress management 

Discover the powerful physiological benefits of breath retention (apnea) on the mind, heart and stress management. Learn simple breath retention techniques to

  • Balance out blood aciditiy -Decrease the amount of Co2 in the blood

  • Optimise lung and heart function and capacity

  • Purify the blood from old red blood cells

  • Increase our body's ability to reduce and stress and anxiety

  • Attain deep states of stillness and calmness 

NSR Practitioner Certifications  

All NSR Courses are offered in English, German,

Portuguese, Spanish and French

All NSR Courses include a NSR Manual and a NSR Certificate

Zurich NSR Practitioner- Level 4

3 Day Course 12-14 Jan 2018


12-14th Jan 2018


Sebastian Bartu C.O.


Zurich, Switzerland


•10-13h  & 14:00 18:00 Uhr


900. - Euros

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It’s an awakening experience to study and acknowledge how powerful the human body and brain is, rather than to simply function automatically. Both my clients and myself are amazed at the immediate results the NSR techniques give... 


Heather Parker, Business Consultant, 


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