NSR Social Projects & Volunteer Work 

Travel, Learn, Give & Grow in new countries & communities and make a true difference...


"Our Mission Is To Offer Health Empowering Workshops, Natural Alternative Medecine And Holistic Treatments To Geophrapically Isolated Communities With Limited Resources."  
Thank you for your time and interest in our social projects. We offer NSR retreats for Volunteers interested in traveling with us and participating in our 3-5 weeks Social Retreats Projects in different parts of the world.
We welcome everybody to be a volunteer in our projects. We also welcome the following professions as they are in high demand for these communities.
  • PhysiciensPhysio Therapists
  • Yoga Teachers, 
  • Massage Therapists, Nurses
  • Osteopaths
  • Artists, Dancers, Dancer Teachers
Please fill in the details below telling us in which project you would to particiapte in or donnate to.  

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