How can dancers and performer ensure the maximum safety and minimize risk of injury? 
Learn simple anatomical and physiological concepts combined with practical techniques which allow you to:
  • Strengthen the neuromuscluar power, and performance by 150%
  • Increase body consciousness, body balence and control
  • Enhance the vitality, energy levels and hormonal glands to promote neurological empowerment
  • Release tensions, overcome injuries and remove pains in your body and in others
How can Yoga/Pilates Teachers ensure the maximum safety and minimize risk of injury when working with clients? What simple anatomical concepts and practical techniques can a  yoga teacher use to enhance the physiological benefits of their work?
  • Create new powerful positive neurological, mental and emotional patterns which trigger sustainable health, cellular rejuvenation, neuromuscular strength. 
  • Learn NSR Yoga Coaching Protocoles which integrate multi-dimensional researched technics in Neuro- Emotional Psychology, Osteopathy, Meditation.
  • How can you overcome and heal old lesions, trauma through NSR Yoga Series. Learn NSR emergency healing technics to remove pain, tensions and blockages in the spine, organs and major articulations

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