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15 Years of Research, Clinical Experience & Teaching

NSR Manual Medicine Master Diploma 

 200 hours, 37 days training - divided in 8 Modules over 2 Years 

Bartu NSR Manual Medicine Practitioner Certification 

1 Year Certification, divided in 4 Modules: each 3 days & 1 Clinical Day

The Osteopathic Fascial Pain Release Therapy is designed for


Health Professionals, Physio Therapists, Osteopaths, Physicians, Massage Therapists, Nurses and Sports Therapists. 

Course Overview

This powerful 1 year training gives you the scientific knowledge and treatment methods to sustainably relase pain and restore health by using your hands, to evalutate, diagnose and treat the entire human body as a functional unit. 

You will learn the full series of NSR Reprogramming Techniques 

combined with a complete trainning in Specific Palpation for Diagnosis and Treatment. 

  • I can evaluate and examine a patient using the NSR Assessment Tests. I can identify blockages and lesions in muscles, organs and articulations. I can asses and prioritise the clinical signs and symptoms as well as clinical findings to build a personalised NSR Treatment Plan for a patient.

  • I can use NSR Manual Medicine Techniques to

              - remove blockages, reduce pain, restore mobility and function in injuries

              - activate the lymphatic system, stimulate cellular rejuvenation, and restore vitality and blood flow. 

  • ​I can reduce pain and blockages in the spine, organs, muscles, articulations and fascial chains.

  • I can use the NSR Protocols to Reprogram the following structures: 

        Respiratory system, Pressure regulation mechanism, Hormonal System and

         Spiral Muscles Chains, Postural System.​

  • I can teach my patients NSR personalised exercise programs and provide general life hygiene advises  to systemically strengthen the body and accelerate the healing process.​​ 

Spedific Objectives:

Next Osteopathic Fascial Pain Release Therapy Certification in German in Vienna 

Lecture: Secrets to Remove Back Pain: 07.07.2019

 Level 1: 07 - 10.10.2019 

Level 2: 06 - 09.04.2020

Level 3: 13 - 16.07.2020

Level 4: 24 - 27.09.2020

NSR Colon &

 Shoulder Release 

You'll be able to treat the following health conditions:
  • Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine Pain
  • Post accident truma, Whip Lash Trauma, Torticolis
  • High blood pressure, Stress,  Head Aches, Migranes
  • Post surgery pain and trauma
  • All Articulations Pains; Spine, Shoulder, Neck, Hips, Kness, Ankle & Feet 
  • Inflammation of Muscles and Organs
  • Hormonal Imbalances
NSR Austria, Vienna 

Bartu NSR Manual Medicine Practitioner Certification

 1 Year Certification, divided in 5 Modules: each 3 days & 1 Clinical Day


"I can't believe how much I learn on this course. My clients are as amazed as myself at the results which the NSR techniques give. My knees pains went away after doing the NSR 3mins Trainning for one week only..."

 Heather Parker, Osteopath working in London.

Course Duration and Schedule

This Manual Medicine Therapy Certification consists of 4 modules evenly distributed over 1 academic year. Starting in June  2020 and ending in spring 2021. 

Each of the 4 Modules are 3 days in length and each have a 1 day Clinical day.


Full Course Content Description

About 75% of each course is dedicated to learning NSR hands-on application Techniques and Protocols.

25% of each course covers the NSR Theory: Anatomy, Physiology, Bio Mechanics, Research and Clinical case study in relation to the part of the body being studied.


At the end of the Academic year, students must undergo a practical exam and a theoretical exam evaluating their capacity in each feild.

Bartu Manual Medicine Certification Level 1
The Spine & Respiratory System

Remove Pain, Tensions and Injuries in the Spine 

  • Physiology & Anatomy of NSR Protocols

  • Reprogramming the Respiratory System Protocol

  • Reprogramming Pressure Regulating Mechanism Protocol


Learn to test, palpate and distinguish the different tissues in the body: the superficial and deep myofascial chains. Learn NSR mobility tests to evaluate the entire spine and the ligaments connecting the organs to the spine.

Learn the NSR Spine Protocols to:

  • Release pressure and restore elasticity in the spine, solar plexus and diaphragm. 

  • Increase elasticity and blood and lymph flow in the entire spine. 

  • Release the compactions, compressions and trauma of the Lumbar Spine, thoracic Spina and their fascial connections to the Colon, Stomach, Bladder.

  • Release physical and emotional tensions in the kidney, small intestine, bladder.

NSR Lungs &

Liver Release 

Bartu Manual Medicine Certification Level 2
The Digestive Organs and Sacrum

Learn Osteopathic Visceral manipulations to evaluate and release pressure and blockages in the Stomach, Liver, Colon and Small intestines.

  • Myofascial Release of Piriformis, Sacro Iliac Ligaments and Psoas. Restore the mechanical movement of the sacrum and ilium.

  • Release the Membranous structures connecting the sacrum to the occiput to the falx cerebelli.

  • NSR Spiral Myofascial Technique

Reprogramming the Posture Protocol

  • Techniques to develop Perfect Posture Presence (PPP) in standing, walking and sitting?

  • Learn how to sustainably reprogram your posture alignment and teach yourself and others Perfect Postural Presence in 5-10 mins


Bartu Manual Medicine Certification Level 3
The Foot, Ankle, Knee & Myofascial Chains

Realign and reprogram the distribution of weight from the hip through the ankle to the tip of the toes.

  • Femer head, the perinium, the coccyx myofascial realignement and release. 

  • Release the unconscious permanent muscles contractions in the hip, pelvis and remove blockages and muscular imbalances.

  • Activation of the proprioception centers in the foot. 

  • Learn to evaluate and release: The sub Talor joint, The Navicular Cuboid Joint, The Metatarsal, the Intra Osseous Membrane of the Tibia and Femular.  

  • Strengthen and Release the ligaments and pressure system of the Knee. 


Bartu Manual Medicine Certification Level 4
Cervical Spine, Shoulder, Arms, Hands

Learn NSR mobility tests to evaluate the cervical spine and the ligaments connecting the heart and lungs to the spine. 

Learn Neuro Muscular Reprogramming Protocols for the Cervical Spine to

  • Decompress, decompact and increase interarticular elasticity and mobility.

Learn Myofascial techniques to

  • release the ligamentous and muscular pressure in the humerus, clavicular, cervical ganglions, and the nerves in the arms.

  • release scapular and posterior chain muscles

  • increase dissociation of the fascial membrane between ulnar and radius 


Advanced Bartu Manual Medicine Certification Certification
Reprogramming of pressure of the Heart and Lungs, Thyroid Gland.

How to test and treat: the intercostal muscles, Sternum, Lung Pleura, Cardiac Ligaments.

Learn NSR Heart & Lung Protocols to 

  • Increase elasticity and blood in the heart ventricles, lungs and pluera

  • Remove the permenant unconscious muscles contractions in the lungs and heart

  •  Release emotional Tension in the Fascia of the Solar plexus, thyroid gland.

  • Remove blockages and tensions in the thyroid gland and increase lymph and blood flow to the lungs and heart  

Vienna - Osteopathic Fascial Pain Release Therapy (OFPR)- Level 1- 5

5 Modules, 3 days each over 1 Year  

"The cerebral spinal fluid is an intermediary in the movement of divine intelligence, a channeling of creation into embryological segments and irrigating them with life, giving form and function and order and intelligence to our existence"          

 W. G. Sutherland DO - Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy

NSR Testimonials


"I have taken many trainning in myofascial body work but what I learnt from my NSR Osteopathic Healing Training were techniques and protocles completly new to me with such effective results . The Spiral Techniques Series is so powerful and easy to do, they have allowed me to heal several chronic pain patients. To be able to reprogram complete myofascial chains and restore balence in fluids compartment and organs is simply amazing! Thank you for expanding my capacity to heal others 

Meridith Stanford, Physio Therapist & Clinic Director

Vienna - Osteopathic Fascial Pain Release Therapy (OFPR)- Level 1- 5

Lecture: Secrets to Sustainable remove back pain

19:00 - 20:00 Uhr

09. 07.2019

Level 1

+ Clinical Day

07-10. 10.2019

Level 2

 + Clinical Day

06 - 09.04.2020

Level 3

 + Clinical Day


Level 4

 + Clinical Day

24 - 27.09.2020

Advanced OFPR

 + Clinical Day

to be announced


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