Principles of NSR & Neurological Empowerment

1. The human morphology, our shape and structure are the direct result of the force and orientation of gravity pulling us to the earth.

If the force of gravity stopped being exactly perpendicular to the earth, if it would change by even 1 degree, we would gradually adapt, and our muscular system would no longer be symmetrical. 

Hence symmetry represents the body’s ability to adapt to the forces exerted on it. Perfect symmetry doesn’t correlate to perfect health, and asymmetry isn’t always accompanied by health dysfunction.

3. Acidity imbalance in the body is fertile grounds for illness, disease, infections and structural dysfunction.

What influences the most our body's ability to regulate it’s acidity (pH) levels?  How is the acidity level in the body directly connected to our emotions, our thoughts, our breath, our posture, our diet and our stress? What simple lifestyle tecniques allow us to naturally balance out acidity levels, promote healthy cells & autoregulation?

5. Our perception and our beliefs create our emotional, physical, biochemical and energetic reality.

We are not limited by our genes, we are only limited by our perception. Our interpretation of the world modifies the information which enters our body and affects our genes. Our perception of our environment can re-write our genetic code, not change our DNA, but change the way our body reads our DNA. 

2. 80-90% of pain and health problems in the body are related to the body’s inability to process or remove something from the body combined with...

...the inability to send enough oxygenated nutritious blood to the affected area and drain out damaged tissue. What simple powerful techniques increase the removal of toxic matter from the body? How can we use the diaphragm to activate the lymphatic system, increase blood flow and cellular rejuvenation? What are the anatomical relationships between pain and pressure in the diaphragm?

4. The body is 90% fluids. Health is the natural consequence of proper distrubution of fluids in the body & absence of stagnation.

We must adapt our perception, diagnosis, treatment and understanding of the body to this reality. Therapeutic methods which address the solid structures in the body are addressing only 10-20% of the human matter. Which methods and techniques promote proper distrubution of liquids in the body? 

6. Taking responsibility for everything in your life is the moment you can change anything in your life.

Every difficult situation and crisis gives us certain advantages. Sometimes we get unconsciously attached to the benefits of our "difficult situation". What would we loose if all our problems were solved today? How can we develop our emotional consciousness to have the strength to take responsibility, move forward and allow positive change in our lives?

7. The spiral movement is omnipresent in every cell in our body and everywhere in nature. Air, Fire, Earth, Water all move respecting...

...the spiral force and directions. All evolution of movement towards health, autoregulation, well-being and happiness move in a spiral direction. Specific deep muscle chain stretches and manual release techniques which can work using the spiral force and principle of movement create sustainable transformational effects in the body.

8. Transformation of the self occurs through systematically working through the body.
"Self and body are indistinguishable, so if you...

...affect the body you affect the self". 

An integrative body-mind approach can offer a much speedier resolution to physical, mental and emotional issues because it 

takes both cognitive and somatic components of our experience into account. Emotions live in the mind and in the body, the fascial web and all organs.

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