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We is very proud to present this selection of beautiful projects which we have had the opportunity to work in.

We are extremely grateful to each and every one of these incredible organisations for opening their doors to us and for allowing us to offer free NSR Education & Courses and treatment in their communities.



If you would like to know more about a project, or are thinking of participating in one project please contact us!

Projeto Afeto

Praia de Pipa, Brazil 


"Project Affection" is an association which offers manual therapy, physiotherapy, medical care and social integration events for children and adults who are physically challenged.
Jyoti - Special Needs School for Children
Rishikesh, India
Jyoti is NgO founded on 1993 by Shri Bharat Mandir School Society in view to educate, rehabilitate & train mentally and physically challenged & deaf/dumb children. The mission is to promote an environment for growth and understanding for children with disability & encourage support for their dignity, rights & well-being.
Fundacion "Mi Cuerpo es Mi Historia"
Cali, Colombia
We are an organisation of social artists and humanists which promote art and performing arts as a vehicle of transformation and self-realization for individuals in vulnerable conditions. 

We work with the prinicple that art is a vehicle which promotes mental health and spiritual and mental growth. We work with dance therapy, art therapy, and drama therapy to strengthen the processes of repair and self-worth for women and children who have experienced violence.  

Our dance training and performances include themes like materialising dreams of dancing, transforming emotions of social injustice, and creating artistic realisation of peace.

Clínica Fundabiem,

Panajachel, Guatemala


We are a NGO with 23 clinics in the whole of Guatemala offering manual therapy and medical care to patients who are challenged mentally and physically. We work especially with communities in remote villages in the countryside that have limited resources.

+41 44 715 15 95


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